Classroom Ideas for using ICT

Recent Two week Teaching Experience in a School

Blog account of days in the classroom
Examples of students work
Class Wiki that was set up
Delicious bookmarks used in the classroom
Keynote Presentation on Transformations in the 21st Century Environment

Welcome to this reference site for teachers. Some of the things you will find here are

'How to' tutorials

How to set up a Wiki Site
How to create blogs in Blogger
How to set up a Delicious Account
How to Print out in PowerPoint
How to animate objects in PowerPoint
How to fade background pictures in PowerPoint 2003
How to fade background pictures in PowerPoint 2007

There will be a variety of ideas of how to Integrate ICT (computers) into teaching and learning

Integration of ICT

Class Wiki pages...
Computer Lab...
Computers and teaching...
Interactive PowerPoints..
Writing and ICT
Management Boards
Publishing with ICT...
Reading and ICT...
Thinker Keys
Interactive Whiteboards

These pages will have cool Web 2.0 tools that you can use in your blogs or wikis

Web 2.0 and Education

Web 2.0 tools...
Creating Avatars...
Setting up Student Wikis...

These links are to software that is either downloadable or can be purchased with some ideas of how to use them in the classroom


Adobe Photoshop Express..
Comic Software...
Inspiration Ideas..

These are links to my blogs

My Blog Links

Integration of ICT into teacher and Learning
Web 2.0 and Education
Course Support Material
Two days in Year 3/4 class
Literacy and ICT

Internet Basics
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