bubbl.us is an online mindmapping tool that can be embedded into blogs, wikis and websites. It can be created online, saved, printed and other people can be invited to add to it. It can also be exported as a image so it can be inserted into wordprocessing documents. Once it is embedded use your mouse to click and drag the diagram around, use the scroll button on your mouse to zoom in and out. Try this out on the example above.

**Animoto** is slideshow creator that animates your photos. This example has PowerPoint slides saved as jpegs. There are also some microsoft clipart examples of bees.

Dipity is another marvellous application that lets you create interactive timelines with photos, movies, text and hyperlinks. This is a great way for children to present information in a chronological order. It can also be inserted into websites, wikis and blogs.

Glogster is a poster making application that could be used for any curriculum area
This example was created by a student http://environmentalheroes.pbwiki.com/Jane Goodall per 1