Interactive Websites and PowerPoint

What are 'Interactive PowerPoints?'

PowerPoint Slide

They are PowerPoint slides where students can click on text, graphics, photo or a button and it will hyperlink to another page, another file, another programme or to the internet.
Teachers can use this medium to create interactive activities for children targetted at their level.
This example uses WordArt. The WordArt is hyperlinked to the appropriate website. Children click on their choice of activity and the website loads up.
How to create a Hyperlink.
Open PowerPoint first, type in your title for your whole PowerPoint on this introduction slide(i.e. Reading Games). Insert a new slide and choose the 'Title only' slide, type in a title (i.e. could be the name of your reading group for that slide). Open your Browser (Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox) Find the website that you are going to link to (i.e. Starfall or BBC), click on the address to highlight it, Mac people press Apple-C (or Ctrl C for Windows) to copy address, go back to PowerPoint, create a WordArt Heading (or insert a graphic), click on the WordArt button, type in the name of the activity, click OK. Go to Insert-Hyperlink, press Apple – V (or Ctrl V) and click OK. Children need to be in Slideshow view to play game.
external image maths+interactive.png

Remember when you are setting up your interactive PowerPoints that they should be level targetted. In other words if you are setting up a maths PPT, set a different one up for each maths group targetting their level and understanding. The activities hyperlinked on it should relate to the teaching and learning that is going on in the classroom. So if you are teaching addition of 10s and ones up to 100, then that is what the activities should be. Do not put too many activities on one slide as children are tempted to go from one to the other without spending much time on one particular activity. Make sure that children know that they do have a choice but they must finish each activity in its entirety.