I would think that most of you would use multiple computers, one at home, your school laptop and maybe the classroom computers. If you want to just view your Delicious page then you would just type in the address delicious.com/yourusername

If you want to be able to tag websites when you find them, then you will need the Delicious buttons external image delicious.pngon the Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari) you are using.

external image log+in.png When you open your Delicious page, click on Sign In
Type your user name and password, press Enter on the Keyboard.

Click on Helpexternal image help.png

external image buttons.pngClick on Bookmarking buttons and add-ons for your browser or website under the Need tools? external image browser.pngClick on Firefox Bookmarks add-on if you are using FirefoxClick on Internet Explorer buttons if you are using ExplorerClick on Bookmarklet buttons for any browser if you are using Safari Follow the instructions for installing buttons